With three locations in Northeast Ohio, Mustard Seed Market & Café relied on Consolidated Casework to help renovate one of their three area locations.

With a remodel, Jon Fiume, Chief Operating Officer of Mustard Seed explains, unique challenges come with the job as you’re both limited by the original design and structure and you’re trying to stay open during the process. The remodel needs to be as seamless and limit disruptions to the staff and customers.

“I really appreciated how they were sensitive to the existing structure and variables as well as my vision,” explained Fiume. “The fabricators are very strategic in their approach with regards to solve problems and design a top-notch, custom solution.”

“What impressed me the most was how Consolidated became a true partner and delivered personal service,” said Fiume. “It’s really easy to work with the entire Consolidated team and made the remodel process easy.”

Fiume plans to continue to rely on Consolidated Casework for Mustard Seed Market & Café’s needs.

“These are a great bunch of people to work with. They take the stress away from a stressful process,” said Fiume. “You can trust Consolidated to deliver high-quality craftsmanship.”

— Mustard Seed Market & Café

Michael M. is a mid-Atlantic construction manager for a leading national coffee and breakfast restaurant chain that recently switched to Consolidated Casework for its millwork for remodels and new builds.

“We were referred by our general contractor,” explains Michael, “and we were blown away by the speed, quality and the guarantee behind their work.”

Michael has hired CCI for all his remodels as well as new stores since, numbering approximately twenty locations.

“When comparing Consolidated Casework with other companies I have used in the past I can say that they are consistently on time with quality I can’t find anywhere else in the industry,” says Michael. “And on the off-occasion that something goes wrong, there are no questions asked, it gets done and it gets fixed – right away.”

Michael also appreciates the actual install process he receives from CCI as he describes it, “Their installs are unmatched – they have real pros who install at a third to half the time as companies I’ve used before.”

Consolidated also helps Michael’s franchises get up and running quickly – critical as every day it takes to wait for casework or an install is a day the doors aren’t open and sales aren’t collected.

“We’re talking days not weeks. We’re able to get inspections done, construction staff off site, and training completed much faster thanks to CCI,” explains Michael.

Finally, Michael appreciates that while CCI is saving him money in a variety of areas because of their speed, the value is high as the price is competitive with other providers who deliver a lesser product delivered and installed at a slower pace.

— Michael M.